Test Facility Design, Development & Operations

Engineering the Future of Military Test and Evaluation Facility Capabilities

PERIKIN specializes in the comprehensive process of designing, constructing, commissioning, and operating ground test facilities, with a specific focus on subsonic, supersonic and advanced, high-temperature hypersonic test environments. Our expertise extends to all facets of construction planning and management, encompassing Requirements Documents, Life Cycle Sustainment Plans, Military Construction (MILCON) Regulations, Cost Estimation, Scheduling, Logistics, Field Supervision, Safety, Systems Installation, and Commissioning.

Detailed Engineering Design

Expert engineering solutions tailored for specific test facility requirements.

Construction Planning

Strategic planning to ensure seamless facility construction processes.

Life Cycle Sustainment Planning

Comprehensive plans for long-term facility maintenance and sustainability.

Regulatory and Environmental Compliance

Ensuring facilities meet all regulatory and environmental standards.

Cost Estimating

Accurate and efficient cost estimating for state-of-the-art facility planning and development.

Logistics Management

Streamlined logistics to support facility development and operations.

Field Supervision

On-site management to oversee all phases of facility development.

Safety Planning

Rigorous safety protocols to ensure secure testing environments.

Systems Installation

Precision in installing and integrating key facility systems.


Thorough commissioning processes to validate facility readiness.

Facility Operations

Thorough commissioning processes to validate facility readiness.

Cutting-edge Technology in Test Facilities

PERIKIN designs and integrates new technologies in test facilities, enhancing capabilities and ensuring precision in military system testing.

Excellence in Test Facility Development

  • Development support of maintenance instructions and manuals for the operations of complex mechanical systems.
  • Provides design, development, installation or operation of high pressure/high temperature aerospace systems or ground test systems.
  • Adherence and application of industry and Government standards and codes, such as, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel codes and Military Installation Instructions, in the development of high pressure/high temperature components.
  • Construction management of field execution activities to include logistics, quality control, specification/requirement completion, installation, system and subsystem verification checkouts, and integrated system demonstration.
  • Support for preparing operational system safety processes for complex aerospace systems or ground test facility systems.
  • Development support of maintenance instructions and manuals for the operations of complex mechanical systems.
  • Development and evaluation of System Safety Hazard Analysis (SSHA) and Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) for hypersonic test facility systems and processes
  • Design and analysis of controls and instrumentation systems in support of ground test facility and/or flight system development.
  • Long-term facility operations support after facility development completion

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