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PERIKIN is qualified and proficient in waste management. For example, for the US Army Fort Bliss Department of Public Works, Environmental Division (DPW-E) provides complete/turnkey Hazardous Waste Management Operations Support which includes, hazardous waste determinations, waste packaging, data validation and verification, characterization and profile preparation, spill response services and support of the unique curbside program.   In addition, PERIKIN was instrumental in development, deployment and ongoing support of the innovative FB DPW-E Quality Recycling Program (QRP).


  • Waste sampling, characterization, shipping
  • Waste transportation, documentation, preparation
  • RCRA, NEPA, CERCLA, TSCA, DOT, and other regulatory compliance support
  • Solid, hazardous, low-level, TRU, mixed, and TSCA waste disposition and management
  • Waste management and minimization
  • Pollution prevention strategies and plans
  • Regulatory permitting, RI/FS, and work plans
  • Acceptable and process knowledge development
  • Data generation validation and verification
  • Temporary and satellite accumulation areas
  • Curbside Pickup
  • Spill Response
  • Recycling Program Support
  • Hazardous waste determinations
Workers in hazardous waste suits

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