Test & Evaluation

Precision and Excellence in Military System Testing

PERIKIN provides a full range of Engineering Services spanning initial mission/requirement review, assessment, and analysis through full system test and evaluation, operational fielding, and training. This work is inclusive of concept development and design, software development, and interface control documentation. PERIKIN Engineers have provided engineering expertise for various systems, including military and commercial space, satellite, navigation, military targets, and weapon/combat systems.

Advisory and Assistance Support Services

Providing expert advice and support in aerospace testing and evaluation.

Ground and Flight Test and Evaluation Services

Specializing in both ground and flight testing services in support of military system development.

Modeling and Simulation

Utilizing advanced simulation techniques for accurate testing scenarios.

Systems Engineering

Offering robust systems engineering services for optimized test results.

Advanced Sensor Development

Developing cutting-edge sensors for enhanced testing precision.

Wide-Ranging Testing Capabilities

PERIKIN's expertise covers extensive testing areas, ensuring thorough evaluations across diverse aerospace systems.

  • Provides test planning, test cost estimating, test requirements development, test execution, analysis and reporting
  • System engineering support for test article integration and test operations.
  • Test article design, modeling, and development.
  • Onsite test execution support for ground and flight test campaigns.
Wide-Ranging Testing Capabilities
Safety and Precision: Foundations of Our Testing Strategy

Safety and Precision: Foundations of Our Testing Strategy

PERIKIN adheres to the highest standards of safety and precision in all testing procedures, ensuring reliable and accurate results every time.

  • Strict adherence to safety protocols and standards.
  • Experts in operational hazard and risk mitigation processes and procedures to eliminate personnel safety risks and loss of equipment.
  • Strong culture that fosters a proactive and robust approach for optimal workplace safety.

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